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Festivals made easy.

FestBuddy is a complete solution to planning and running your beer fest. Register and track vendors and their beers. Schedule tap times, contests, and other events. And all this information ends up in the palm of your attendees' hands.

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Plan Ahead

No more phone calls or nagging e-mails to vendors. They can register online and see exactly what they need to be ready for the big day.

Mobile Apps

Does your event have an app? With FestBuddy it can: first class mobile apps come bundled with our management suite.

Accurate Information

You and your vendors can see and verify their beer list, brewery description, and contact information in one central place long before your event.

World class support

Our team loves beer festivals, which is why we wrote this app. We're there to guide through the process and help out in any way we can - even during your event.

Save Money

Since people are using the app, you can print less programs. Less programs means lower printing costs and less litter


All the information about your festival is automatically exported to our suite of mobile apps so your fest-goers can easily plan, find and taste everything they had their eyes on while saving on printed materials. Our mobile apps are a great way to promote your event as well

Access to all of this starts at $1/ticket, and we can have you up and running in no time at all.

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  • We can even import your existing vendor/item database right into our system so you don't have to re-enter everything

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